When we considering the many appliances you have in your home, a range hood is among the less obvious and least appreciated. In addition to providing valuable filtering support for your stove or cooktop, kitchen exhaust hoods are designed to expel gases and odors from inside your home. Without a doubt, they are easily one of the most important appliances you can have in your home.

Here is five most important benefit you will receive from installing kitchen exhaust hood in your home.

1. Keeping the Kitchen Air Clean

The most important benefit of a kitchen hood is that it removes potentially toxic pollutants and gasses from the air in your kitchen. Preparing a meal, especially the way we cook, may sometimes mean you have to deal with smoke, steam and grease. All of these can have potentially dangerous side effects if inhaled by those closest to it.

With a push of a button, kitchen exhaust hoods will suck these undesirable particles out of the home and away from everyone in the kitchen. Not only does this reduce the amount of toxic in the air that you may breathe in, it also will helps to cut down the growth of bacteria, germs and even mold in your kitchen.

In addition, to the unwanted by products mentioned above, vent hoods are great at cutting down the amount of carbon monoxide that may be present in your home. There are many health dangers associated with carbon monoxide, and inadequate ventilation will just exasperate the potential problems this toxic gas presents.


2. Removing Excess Heat

Another great benefit of a kitchen exhaust hood is the fact that it will help to remove heat from your kitchen. Whether it’s heat coming from your cooktop or steam coming off of your food, a vent hood will help stop it from hitting you in the face and make it slightly more comfortable for you. That way, you can focus on your recipe and not the sweat on your brow.

Because of the built-in feature of a fan blower, range hoods are designed to suck away the excess heat produced by stoves and heaters. As with smoke and airborne toxins, heat is removed through the vent, which helps keep your kitchen at a somewhat cooler temperature.

3. Better Kitchen Lighting

My favourite benefit of a kitchen hood is the extra lighting that it provides. When I have something going on my stove, the light in my kitchen hood helps me see what I’m doing. It also helps me see the mess that I’m making.

This is beneficial for both cooking and cleaning purposes. Being able to actually see what you are cooking is important to ensure that food is being cooked properly and it will also help prevent it from burning. With the light from a range hood, you will be able see all of the dirt and grease in crevices and hard to reach areas.

On top of that, the small light bulb in my vent hood also helps me save energy. Instead of turning on all five light bulbs in my kitchen, sometimes, especially at night, I’ll just turn on the light above my stove.


4. Improves Your Property Value

In today’s real estate market, kitchen hoods are expected to be found in every kitchen. If you don’t have one, it could actually hurt the resale value of your home. People have come to expect this luxury, and if you don’t have one, it may deter people from buying your home.

Additionally, if your vent hood is in need of an upgrade, then that may also hurt the resale value of your home. If you are trying to sell your home and you don’t have a range hood in your kitchen, then you may want to ask your realtor if they know of anyone that could install one before you start showing your home.


5. Cooking & Living in Comfort

Finally, the most enjoyable benefit you gain from kitchen hoods is the daily joy of cooking and living in comfort. They help create a clean, comfortable environment in your kitchen. Reducing the effects of unpleasant odors and stuffiness allows you the freedom to be creative with your cooking style. Instead of being discouraged by foul smells and an overheated home, you will be more eager to dive into your favourite recipes and sit around with your family enjoying the small pleasures in life.

It’s precisely because of those little comforts, that we would recommend installing a kitchen exhaust hood in your kitchen.