March 9, 2021

Benefits of Restaurant Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

You want to open up a restaurant, and you’ve been checking the requirements for your kitchen. You’re afraid you’re going over budget, so you start cutting costs. You look at the words “exhaust system” and think of all the trouble you will have to endure to keep it clean, but you think of how necessary it is. You think okay fine, we’ll just clean it once a year or something. No. You need to stop right there.

Cleaning your kitchen exhaust is important. If it’s still something you’re not sure about, then let us help you make up your mind with these 4 benefits of cleaning your kitchen exhaust.

1- Fire Hazards

You know how much oil we love to put in our food, the richer, the better. The exhaust system is supposed to stop this grease from accumulating on our walls and other places. The exhaust system, itself, is full of grease. Grease accumulation leads to kitchen fires and for you and your worker’s safety, clean your kitchen exhaust. You can hire a professional exhaust cleaner, yes they have one of those (see how important it is?), and they’ll scrub it well enough for you to stay in compliance with the fire code so you can merrily run your restaurant.


2. Odor Removal

You work with cumin, you work with garlic, you work with curry. How are you still conscious and not on the floor by the fetid stench. Your hero is your exhaust system. Without your exhaust, you will find customers leaving with a hand holding their nose and your restaurant earning a bad name. You don’t want that, now do you? Of course not! You need to treat your hero by getting it cleaned when it needs to be cleaned. When you schedule regular exhaust cleanings, you and your customers will be able to enjoy fresh air although the odor cannot completely be irradiated from the kitchen it can be reduced to a significant extent.


3. The Inside Air Quality

Cooking can release harmful pollutants that affect the inside quality of your kitchen. The hood is supposed to capture the cooking fumes, but it is unable to do so when grease has clogged it. Research has proven that while cooking with gas or electricity, pollutants like nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide can be released and these pollutants are either inhaled by the employees in the kitchen or go in the food to be served if the exhaust system is not clean. This can cause diseases like lung cancer. So it is up to you to decide whether spending some bucks on the maintenance of your exhaust system is worth everyone’s health.


4. Easy on the Pocket

clean kitchen exhaust system results in smoother air flow. The effectiveness of the system improves your efficiency that is, it does not waste energy. The production rate will also increase while your bills, in the long run, might not. Now you might be able to save up for that renovation you have been thinking of.

You cannot have doubts about this now. Call up a professional exhaust cleaner and avail all these benefits! You can even help others who are going through the same dilemma as you. Share your knowledge! Run! Go!

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