March 9, 2021

Guide for Restaurant Owner for the Kitchen Hood Exhaust Service

During this pandemic, a lot of dining places and eateries, we have seen, have closed but a lot of new ones have opened. If you have just opened a new restaurant or are in the process of doing so, we know what kind of a frenzy you must be in. Amidst the government approvals to get your business started, building contractors and potential-staff interviews, there is hardly a minute left in the day. In between all this, kitchen exhaust hood system cleaning could be the last thing on your mind. Getting your business started and beginning to build that loyal base of customers is your priority. However, that also does not mean that your kitchen’s exhaust system cleaning can be passed on indefinitely. Effective cleaning of your kitchen’s filters, exhaust fan, canopy, and exhaust system is important and a must for the safe operation of your business. And left unattended the consequences can be dire.


Why does a kitchen’s exhaust hood system maintenance matter?

Your kitchen filters and exhaust system work back-to-back to extract grease, steam, dust and particulates from your cook-line. When they’re operating effectively, they remove a wide range of contaminants from your kitchen, leaving you, your staff, and your customers only clean, fresh air to breath. Over time however, these contaminants start to build-up inside your filters, exhaust fan and even inside the duct system. This build up is mainly caused by the oil produced from the meat and the oil that we use to cook. These build-ups not only block the hot greasy air from going out but also lowers the efficacy of the entire kitchen exhaust system. In some cases, this blockage can even stop the kitchen’s exhaust system from functioning completely.


What you can do to prevent fires from happening?

The only way to ensure that the kitchen’s exhaust system is working properly is with regular cleaning carried out by a professional exhaust system cleaning company. Therefore, the best way to keep your exhaust systems in order is by arranging a maintenance schedule, which will ensure the regular cleaning of your systems.

Many restaurant owners don’t know this but a regular exhaust system cleaning schedule should include the following:

  • Kitchen Filter Cleaning or exchange when required
  • Exhaust Fan Cleaning
  • Duct Cleaning
  • Hood Cleaning


What to look for before hiring a company to clean your kitchen’s exhaust hood?

Finding the right cleaning company can be tricky. However once settled upon, a chosen cleaning company can usually provide you with years of service. To avoid the amateurs and to find a company, which will deliver effective and reliable cleaning year after year, insist upon the following:

    • A solid knowledge of Malaysian kitchen cleaning standards
    • Written testimonials from previous customers

Upon completion of any exhaust system cleaning work, your cleaning company should present you with a written certificate with details regarding the cleaning provided.


Can I or my staff clean my kitchen’s exhaust hood system?

The short and direct answer to this question is no. It is so because cleaning an exhaust system is a complex job, which requires work in high places, unreachable nooks and corners and potentially dangerous areas like those places that are directly above the cooking equipment. A lot of Malaysian workers end up getting injured, whilst attempting to clean their exhaust systems associated with self-cleaning. You may ask your kitchen workers to clean the benches, equipment, walls, and floors, however, anything above eye-level, is advised to be left for a trained and experienced professional. In addition to that, a non-professional cleaner can damage your filters and other parts, which means expensive replacement costs.


Would you like to know more?

To find out more about exhaust system cleaning and other services that we offer related to your kitchen hood exhaust system, visit our blog section. Or to get more information about any of your kitchen’s exhaust system concerns, you can reach out to us at 017-2525237 or send us your query and we shall get back to you soonest possible.

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