Kitchen hood repair in Johor
Kitchen hood repair in Johor

If you own or operate a food business, you know that kitchen hood repair is needed every now and then to keep your restaurant moving and maintain your ability to serve your customers. When the time comes that you need commercial hood vent repair or commercial exhaust fan repair. You should work with a company that understands your needs and is reliable and prompt in their communication while providing a high level of quality as well. Luckily for you, we provide all of those things and more. We’re the right partner for all of your industrial hood repair needs.

Some of the commercial kitchen hood Repair and Maintenance services we provide include:

  • Kitchen Hood Repair 
  • Exhaust Ducting Repair 
  • Kitchen Motor Fan Repair 
  • Kitchen Exhaust Fan Repair 
  • Light Doesn’t On
  • Cooker Hood Weak Suction 
  • Kitchen Part Replacement 
  • Loud Motor Sound
  • Other 

Kitchen Hood Repair

Exhaust Ducting Repair 

Light Doesn’t On

Kitchen Fan Motor Repair 

Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Fan Repair 

Light Doesn’t On

Kitchen Exhaust Fan Repair

Loud Motor Sound


Having an effective and reliable kitchen exhaust ventilation system or kitchen exhaust Johor is one of the necessity of every every business owner in Johor Malaysia. Any individual engaged in the operation of a food establishment needs to understand the importance of obtaining a top of the line commercial kitchen exhaust system. If you already have an installed ventilation system in your area, the next thing that you need to look into is ensuring that the kitchen ventilation system or kitchen exhaust system in your restaurant/cafe is in good condition.

We know that kitchen is one of the most important areas for restaurant and cafe. This is the area where most of the cooking is made. As such, smokes and faulty smells are easy to accumulate. The presence of a high quality kitchen exhaust system will help in eliminating these unwanted substances in the kitchen. Otherwise, both the smell and smoke will stick on your walls as well as on some of the equipment or appliances inside the kitchen.

Here at Steeltech Engineering we help restaurant and cafe owners in creating a comfortable and safe working environment for their teams. As a result, the workers, cooks and servers are more motivated to perform tasks properly knowing that they are safe at work. We understand the need to continuously provide a pleasant workplace for people behind the food business.

Steeltech Engineering also specializes in providing excellent kitchen exhaust parts servicing, repair and maintenance.

  • We have a supply of materials that we can use in repairing or servicing the ventilation system in your kitchen.
  • We can guarantee that only top of the line kitchen exhaust parts will be used for the repair.
  • Our team of professionals has undergone sufficient training and seminar to ensure that we can provide satisfactory services to our clients.

With our years of experience in this industry, we know exactly what you want. We can help you in having a smoke-free and odor-free kitchen. Our services will not only make your place a pleasant area to work in but also keep it safe from hazards such as fire. We can boast that Steeltech Engineering offers excellent customer service in all our dealings.