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Cooling Tower in Johor, Malaysia 

Cooling towers are unique industrial tools that extract heat from a water stream by bringing it into contact with air. Simply put, the difference in temperature causes a natural cooling reaction.

Small volumes of water dissipate throughout this process and must be recycled for optimal efficiency. Cooling towers ensure that industrial processes function at the highest possible capacity, so cooling tower servicing is obviously an important facet of industrial maintenance.

At Steeltech Engineering, we know that the right cooling tower can give you a distinctive edge and make your business more environmentally friendly, but only when you work with a manufacturer who truly understands the nuances of this space.

Common Cooling Tower Problems That We Repair

Even with proper, regular maintenance, over time, cooling tower parts suffer the effects of wear and tear.

Here are a few cooling tower maintenance that we perform

Mechanical Damage

If your cooling tower is more than 10 years old or has been neglected, it’s probably showing signs of wear and tear, starting with insufficient bearing lubrication, loose pulleys and fan hubs, or fan shafts that are scored and worn. This type of mechanical damage can significantly impact the functionality of the fans and could result in much greater system wide damage.

Internal Corrosion

The combination of air, water, chemicals, and heat running through your cooling system creates a corrosive environment for the cooling tower. Although galvanized metal is used in areas of high exposure to help prevent the effects of internal corrosion, it’s common to find perforations, holes, and metal wastage in these sheet metals. Without proper treatment, this can lead to premature corrosion, threatening the safety and proficiency of the entire cooling process.

Pipeline Problems

Pipelines connect the cooling towers to other HVAC components. When external and internal corrosion develops, the entire system is in jeopardy. Early warning signs include reduced efficiency or functionality. When not treated, corrosion will eventually deteriorate the connections between pipes and cooling towers and cause leaks. This is especially true for hot and humid areas.

Cooling Towers Maintenance covers

Pulley Cooling Fan & Motor

Servicing and replace Cooling Tower, Fan blade, Motor, Gearboxes, Composite long connecting.

Pulley Fan Bearing

Replacement of fan belt, pulley, motor & entire drive system for all brands of cooling tower.

Pulley Cooling Tower

Machine Pulley Cooling System

Complete rewinding for all types of rotating equipment and AC motors, Repair of all electric motors, such as gear, brake.

pulley cooling tower inspection

Cooling Fan Balancing

Dynamic balancing for pulley cooling fan.

Pulley Cooling Tower

Pulley Fan Belt

Replacing complete fan bearing assembly, pulleys for all brands of cooling tower.

Pulley cooling tower motor repair

Maintenance and refurbishment of Cooling System

Pulley cooling tower motor repair for all brand cooling system.