Roof Top Waterproofing solution

Building repairs, protection and restoration

building repairs, protection and restoration

1. Rooftop Waterproofing

This is one of the most common water leaking issues. Water leaking issue may range from a small issue such as dampness to bigger issue such as water dripping. Fixing your rooftop waterproofing would depend on what type of rooftop your house has. There are different methods of rectification are prescribed for flat roof concrete slabs vs roof tiles.

2. Balcony Waterproofing
The other common area to have waterproofing issue is at the balcony. Usually, water ponding may occur at your balcony, resulting in water leaking from the balcony to the car porch area. Most problems start with clogged rainwater outlet and gutter. It slowly creeps to the angle fillet of your balcony slabs with the floors. As this is susceptible to the outdoor weather, if this is not fixed immediately, it may result in many grow bigger in the future.

3. Toilet Waterproofing
Last but not least, toilet or bathroom waterproofing is the most common waterproofing of all areas. It will affect your house, whether it is a double storey landed house or an apartment. First of all, you need to ensure if your water leaking from the toilet is due to a plumbing issue or waterproofing issue. If it is a plumbing issue, you need to fix the piping before considering waterproofing. If it is not a plumbing issue, then most probably water seep through due to inadequate waterproofing. Hence, you need to redo the waterproofing.

Water proofing repair

Common Problem

Water proofing repair

Water Proofing

We provide service of waterproofing works, leakage rectification and re-waterproofing works of building’s roof, basement, external wall, expansion joint, water tank, swimming pool and etc which yield the highest performance for your specific condition and budget

Water proofing repair

Roof Coating

We provide wide range of High Performance Coatings over metal roof comprises of high performance protective coating to stop corrosion and prolong the life of metal roof, eliminates the need for costly metal deck replacement; Heat Reflective & Insulation coating to reduce room temperature and waterproof system and coating to stop leaks.

Roof waterproofing
Roof waterproofing